Dream Board Blog Polished Draft

For my  GHP will be making a dream board or visual board. The dream board will have pictures of everything that I would like to accomplish in my life. The reason that I want to make the dream board is to see how many thing on the board I can accomplish and every time I accomplish a goal I’ll mark it off my list. I’m planning to put photos of things I wanted to do on either a poster, on a board or even in a picture frame. I thought about making a dream board after my teacher showed us examples last week and she explained what a dream board was and I immediately knew that I wanted to make one. There are many goals I want to accomplish so I think the dream board will help me accomplish my goals, On the dream board I’ll have pictures of things I want to do in life and every time I accomplish a goal I will mark the picture or put a star on it indicating that I’ve completed the goals. Also it would be pretty cool if my dream board would inspire others to make one. This is an easy project so I don’t really think i’ll really struggle a whole lot but the biggest issue is finding an expert or someone that makes dream boards for a living. But I do have some questions like: Is it proven that the dream board actually helps people achieve their goals? Does it increase the chances of achieving goals? What inspires others to make a dream board? After I make the dream board, which goal will I attempt first? Hopefully these questions are answered by the end of this project. I couldn’t find anybody that makes dream board but my English teacher is trying to find a mentor or expert for me. I can go to the library and I might be able to find a book about dream board and I’m trying to find articles online about them. I could find someone on a website like Pinterest. This is going to be a great project and I hope that the project helps push me to accomplish my goals or I hope the dream board to help increase the chances of me achieving my goals.This project might take a couple of days. There might be a couple issues I’ll run into in the future but overall I feel that it’ll be a pretty easy and fun project. I hope to inspire others so they can even make one for themselves.

Picture from The Huffington Post by Elizabeth Rider http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-rider/the-scientific-reason-why_b_6392274.html



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