Going Pro

This week I was searching for the instruction on how to make it. I was able to find the instructions on making the dream board on Christinekane.com. After reading the article on how to make the dream board now I fully under how to make it. After I found the instructions I was thinking about my biggest dream. And that is playing professional soccer. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was little. I I love to play soccer more than anything, so playing soccer as a job would be awesome. The way I plan to make this dream a reality is by working hard everyday, training and going to the gym, eating healthy, and staying committed. Even though this is my biggest and most important dream, it’s one of the hardest dreams to accomplish. On ncaa.com it says that the probability of going pro in the U.S. for soccer is 0.09-1.9 percent, which is very very low. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I’m willing to do the extra work to become a professional athlete. I hope that my dream board will motivate me and push me to never give up. I want to use my dream board for extra motivation. Whenever I feel down or I don’t think that I will achieve my goal, I use my dream board to help motivate me and give me hope.


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