Giving Back

This week I was looking up the different types of dream boards there are. On I found out about the different type of dream boards. I was also thinking about my dream of helping homeless people around the world. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to help people, especially the ones who are financially struggling and less fortunate. My dad owns an orphanage in Nigeria. He loves to help people out. He understands what it’s like to not have a lot of money and his family struggled growing up. I’m very fortunate to live the life I’m living now. Sometimes when I’m outside for a couple minutes I get super cold and then when I go inside I feel nice and cozy. But it always makes me think about those who don’t have a nice, warm, cozy place to stay. Some people are outside all night, literally trying to survive. It bothers me a lot. I hope to get a lot of money playing professional soccer so that I can give more to the homeless. I’m going to set up fundraisers or I can even make an orphanage like my dad did. I’ll talk to my dad about starting something to help the homeless. My dad’s probably my best resource at the moment, He’ll help me get started. It’ll be great and I hope it will work out well. I hope this is one of the first goals I’ll accomplish.


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