Time to go Chase my Dreams

This week is my last post for this project. I worked on this project and wrote blogs about it for a total of ten weeks. I had a lot of fun to be honest. I thought that my project was pretty easy and I was passionate about it because I really want to follow my dreams. It took me a couple days to make the dream board. I put the top 9 dreams I want to accomplish in my life. I hope to accomplish at least 6 or more of the dreams that I put in the dream board. The first dream I’ll go for is to graduate college and play professional soccer. I learned that the dream board doesn’t just help with accomplishing goals. I’ve learned to be more committed, to be more organized, and to save money for bigger things rather than spend it on things that I don’t really need. Blog post are something that I enjoy doing now. Blogs are something I’d continue making. After this project, whenever I accomplish a new dream, I’ll come back to this website and continue writing about it. I hope that people more people can read my blog posts and I hope to inspire people to make a dream board for their own. That was one of my biggest goal in this project. Not just to help accomplish my drams but to inspire others to make one so they can accomplish their’s as well. I’ve learned a lot more than I expected when I was making the dream board. I also learned a couple lessons to like to save money on important things, stay committed and to never give up. These lessons apply to life as well.


Land Down Under

This week I was working on putting my dream board together. It took me only a couple minutes to complete it. I got the pictures from Google. I put all of my dreams on a word document and then I printed it and put it in the picture frame. It looks really good and I’m pretty happy with the project I made. I was also thinking about my goal about traveling to Australia. I always wanted to go there because I’m a super curious person and if I’m fascinated by a place, I always want to travel there. I’ve been to Europe and Africa but I’ve never been anywhere really far away from home. Australia sounds like a very cool place to go to. I like animals and I’ve always wanted to see a kangaroo. This is a cool dream to accomplish but the biggest issue is the price. The price of the flight will between 2,000-2,500 dollars. It’s quite a bit but I’d be able to save up. All I need to do is save up and stop spending money on things that aren’t important. Saving money is an issue for me but I really need to save up to for this trip. Now I have a job and I’m getting a lot more money so I need to restrict myself from buying food, clothes, etc. for half a year. If I do so, I’ll for sure be able to go to Australia. I’ll use my dream board to help prevent spending money and start saving up.

Giving Back

This week I was looking up the different types of dream boards there are. On Christinekane.com I found out about the different type of dream boards. I was also thinking about my dream of helping homeless people around the world. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to help people, especially the ones who are financially struggling and less fortunate. My dad owns an orphanage in Nigeria. He loves to help people out. He understands what it’s like to not have a lot of money and his family struggled growing up. I’m very fortunate to live the life I’m living now. Sometimes when I’m outside for a couple minutes I get super cold and then when I go inside I feel nice and cozy. But it always makes me think about those who don’t have a nice, warm, cozy place to stay. Some people are outside all night, literally trying to survive. It bothers me a lot. I hope to get a lot of money playing professional soccer so that I can give more to the homeless. I’m going to set up fundraisers or I can even make an orphanage like my dad did. I’ll talk to my dad about starting something to help the homeless. My dad’s probably my best resource at the moment, He’ll help me get started. It’ll be great and I hope it will work out well. I hope this is one of the first goals I’ll accomplish.

Going Pro

This week I was searching for the instruction on how to make it. I was able to find the instructions on making the dream board on Christinekane.com. After reading the article on how to make the dream board now I fully under how to make it. After I found the instructions I was thinking about my biggest dream. And that is playing professional soccer. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was little. I I love to play soccer more than anything, so playing soccer as a job would be awesome. The way I plan to make this dream a reality is by working hard everyday, training and going to the gym, eating healthy, and staying committed. Even though this is my biggest and most important dream, it’s one of the hardest dreams to accomplish. On ncaa.com it says that the probability of going pro in the U.S. for soccer is 0.09-1.9 percent, which is very very low. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I’m willing to do the extra work to become a professional athlete. I hope that my dream board will motivate me and push me to never give up. I want to use my dream board for extra motivation. Whenever I feel down or I don’t think that I will achieve my goal, I use my dream board to help motivate me and give me hope.

Hot Ride

This week I was finding stores I can buy my all the materials needed for the blog post. The materials are very easy to find. I can go many stores to get my materials I need for my blog. I already have some of the materials at home so I don’t have to go out to the store buy many things. This week I was beginning to think about my goal about getting a nice car. This car won’t be an ordinary car. This car will be my dream car. I want to get my dream car at around the age of 25, after I graduate college and become a professional soccer player (which are goals I want to accomplish before I get my dream car). The way I’m going to be able to get my dream car is by the money I’ll earn while playing pro soccer. I’m thinking about getting the newest Audi or if I have enough money, I’ll buy a Lamborghini or a Ferrari or something cool like that. It’s important to me because I always wanted a really nice car since I was little and I always told my parents that I’ll work hard that one day I’ll be able to get my dream car.

Celeb Success

This week I was doing research on if the dream board is proven to actually help people accomplish their goals. Some articles say it really works and others say the complete opposite. But what really caught my attention was that many celebrities like Ellen DeGenres, Katy Perry, Oprah etc. say that the dream works and helps accomplish dreams. I’m really hoping this works.


This week I was finding the overall cost of this project. So I looked up the materials  needed for the project and I found the cost for each material. For the poster,scissors, tape, pins, markers, stickers and the pictures the price is between 7 to 15 dollars (depends on what store you buy it from). I think that the materials needed for the project is pretty cheap.