Time to go Chase my Dreams

This week is my last post for this project. I worked on this project and wrote blogs about it for a total of ten weeks. I had a lot of fun to be honest. I thought that my project was pretty easy and I was passionate about it because I really want to follow my dreams. It took me a couple days to make the dream board. I put the top 9 dreams I want to accomplish in my life. I hope to accomplish at least 6 or more of the dreams that I put in the dream board. The first dream I’ll go for is to graduate college and play professional soccer. I learned that the dream board doesn’t just help with accomplishing goals. I’ve learned to be more committed, to be more organized, and to save money for bigger things rather than spend it on things that I don’t really need. Blog post are something that I enjoy doing now. Blogs are something I’d continue making. After this project, whenever I accomplish a new dream, I’ll come back to this website and continue writing about it. I hope that people more people can read my blog posts and I hope to inspire people to make a dream board for their own. That was one of my biggest goal in this project. Not just to help accomplish my drams but to inspire others to make one so they can accomplish their’s as well. I’ve learned a lot more than I expected when I was making the dream board. I also learned a couple lessons to like to save money on important things, stay committed and to never give up. These lessons apply to life as well.


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